• Apache Kid

    Apache Kid

    Footage from The Grand Offshore Race of Miami 1990.

  • OPT Key West 1990

    OPT Key West 1990

    Racing from Key West. Close up shots from helicopter. Great sound

  • Apache 47 Lucky Strike

    Apache 47 Lucky Strike

    Phil Meshinsky's Apache 47 from the OPT race in Key West 1990. Great footage from helicopter and fantastic sound!! Turn up the volume!!

  • Offshore GP, Nice 1988

    Offshore GP, Nice 1988

    Race coverage from Nice 1988. This is from the days of the Vees with just a handful of cats present. Pretty calm waters..

  • Offshore GP, Nice 1990

    Offshore GP, Nice 1990

    Race coverage of one of the first races I attended in the early days of Class-1 and Class-2.

  • Cowes Classic 1991 pt 5

    Cowes Classic 1991 pt 5

    8 minutes of Lamborghini howl with the late Domenico Achilli and, I believe, Paolo Patergnani. The cat was built at Stain in Turin, Italy.

  • Cowes Classic 1991 pt 4

    Cowes Classic 1991 pt 4

    Close up footage of SeaTek powered Cunningham, Sireg and the Lamborghini powered Stain, Achilli Motors.

  • Cowes Classic 1991 pt 3

    Cowes Classic 1991 pt 3

    More helicopter fooage from Cowes 1991. Close ups of Andrea Ugland/Jann Hillestad onboard Fiat Uno, Richard Carr/ Peter Dredge in Tekne Lamborghini and Domenico Cirilli in Deroa.

  • Cowes Classic 1991 pt 2

    Cowes Classic 1991 pt 2

    Helicopter footage from the S:P.E.S. Offshore 1 race, Cowes 1991. Sireg, Clarke Int, Fratelli Rossetti. This is just like we used to do in the 90s. Flying helicopters and tracking down the different raceboats.

  • Cowes Torquay Cowes 1989

    Cowes Torquay Cowes 1989

    Race start of the CTC race 1989. Helicopter footage of Gancia de Gancia, Cesa 1881, Paul Picot and more.

  • Powerboat P1

    Powerboat P1

    A classic from Malta back in 2007. Hairy conditions and a lot of airtime for those guys competing! We were there witnessing a race with quite a few boats needing some maintenance after the finishline.

  • Powerboat P1

    Powerboat P1

    Looks like this is the 1st part of the San Benedetto del Tronto race. Lots of close racing and lots of action with helicopter and onboard footage.

  • Powerboat P1

    Powerboat P1

    One of, if not, the hottest raceseries around was Powerboat P1. Here the guys raced v-bottoms in 2 different classes. The Sport class was without canopies while the Evolution features the faster hulls with canopies. This race is from San Benedetto del Tronto back in 2009 featuring action in the rain

  • Lamborghini - Victory V-12

    Lamborghini - Victory V-12

    Footage of the Victory 7 boat run by Pål Virik Nilsen and Giorgio Manuzzi in Dubai. Power is a pair of Lamborghini by Victory V-12s. Crank it up, there's a whole lot of engine sound!!

  • One lap in Formula 1 with Pal Virik Nilsen. Brazil 2013

    One lap in Formula 1 with Pal Virik Nilsen. Brazil 2013

    A lap around the track in the official practice before Brazil F1h2o Grand Prix. 1-2 june 2013. Norwegian Formula 1 pilot Pal Virik Nilsen (Azerbaijan F1 team) shows you the feeling and speed of a Formula 1 tunnel boat.