Last nail in the Venture Cup coffin

For many race fans, the London - Monte Carlo race was to be THE race of the season. The start in London was set to the 7th of June but with only a week to go, the race had its final cancellation last Friday when the organizer after discussing with both Belgain Authorities and the UIM threw in the towel. This after first being denied approval by the RYA early May. Sad for the fans mainly for the many teams and also the organizer who spent a long time for preparing this.

This is the statement from the organizer on May 30th:

Following the recent decision by the RYA regarding the Venture Cup race to Monte-Carlo, the organisers have been working with the Belgian National Authority, the UIM Pleasure & Navigation Commission, and the UIM in an attempt to source an alternate way of running the Venture Cup this June. 

For UIM approval we needed to find a specific element within existing UIM rules which could be voted on, and this was found under Rule 307 of the Pleasure & Navigation section of the UIM. An ‘Advance Notice’ was then created and submitted to the UIM Pleasure & Navigation Commission for their approval, and the vote was passed to support the event. 

The only remaining item then was for the UIM Executive Committee to vote on the matter of the application timing. Under normal circumstances a request must be submitted some time before the time-window we were operating in, so a derogation was required.

We have just learned that the UIM Executive Committee have voted not to allow the derogation. 

We are therefore left with no option but to cancel the Venture Cup at this time. as it has always been our intention to run the event under the governance of the international powerboat authority. 

We would like to apologise to all those affected by this decision. 

We understand that several of the teams are planning their own private run to Monaco during the same dates, and we wish them the very best of luck. We are more than happy to support them in way we can, and would ask that others do the same.