F2 Testing with Pal Virik Nilsen

Last week I went up to a lake up in the woods north east of Oslo. The plan was to see Pal Virik Nilsen test his newly aquired F2 Boat. This is a Danish built Molgaard cat with Mercury Optimax XS 200 SST power. The engine is the official engine for the F2 racing class.

When we got up there the boat had already arrived. The guys checked that everything was ok so Pal and I went to get some gas. The engine needs 98 octane and not every single station has a pump of this, most gas stations offering only 95. Getting back to the boat Pal got his racing gear, life vest and helmet and jumped in. An Italian guy specializing in telemetrics had flown up ready to do some serious work. Pal had 4 different props that they tested with running all day long. With the telemetry readouts it was pretty easy to see how the different props worked when it came to acceleration and also top speed. Even if this seems like an easy task you need to know what you're looking for in the data and how to use it. This is where experience counts. This coming weekend Pal and his fellow competitors in the F2 class are in Brindisi, Italy for the first race of the season.

photos: PVN Racing