Goldfish 36 (story from 2008)

This is in fact a boat we have followed since talking with Goldfish founder Pal Sollie a few years back when hearing about his plans before they even were put down on paper. The Goldfish shipyard is pretty small located an hours drive south of Oslo, Norway. Here Pal and his coworkers produce some of the best looking and also some of the most efficient (when it comes to speed) Ribs in Europe if not in the whole world.

Goldfish is clearly a niche yard where design (that works) is at the front. Pal and his team spend lots of time on preparing the hulls before making molds for a new model. With Pal’s innovative methods of testing besides his carpenter and driving skills and not to forget a great crew Goldfish has been able to build some really fast machinery lately.
In S&P 2007-2 I went for a ride with the 36 RIB at an early stage. This was actually the prototype with lots of features when it came down to testing the hull. The fast RIB was outfitted with an elaborate system consisting of 4 screwjacks making it possible to raise and lower the whole engine/drive package.
With a pair of 300 hp Yanmar diesels the 36 maxed out in the low 70’s. A few weeks later I talked with Pal and learned that through trimming and set up and another set of props the speed had risen around 8 mph with the same setup.
Pal didn’t know of any boat in the mid 30’s size running at those speeds with only 600 diesel hp.
Spool the time forward and Henrik, Pal brother calls me. He wonders if we could make some photos. Ok, no problem. I meet up at the shipyard just after 3 pm when we are supposed to take off.
The time is running and we make a phone to the pilot. The problem is that the whole area around the heliport is filled with fog.... I can only sit and watch the sun getting lower and lower. Remember this was in February just before the boat show in Oslo.
Then just before 5 the helicopter picks us up We fly southwards hoping to find the 36 before the sun sets. With the doors off the Robinson R33 it is not very warm. Luckily I picked the front seat so I’m hidden behind the windscreen sort of. Suddenly we can see something reminding a little of some Italian roughy-toughy RIB. I mean you can build a RIB in two ways either fashionable and nice, or rough and tough. The Goldfish belonging in the later category. At the edge of a rainshower it doesn’t look specifically warm down there... Four guys in a boat, one without a skihat. Poor guy! When seeing the helicopter two guys jump up on the foredeck giving Pal a chance to get the RIB on plane. With some weight up front it goes on plane nice and pretty fast, quickly getting up to speed. It is not rough however a few wakes are present making the RIB fly nice and level reminding me of the Buzzi RIBs from numerous helicopter trips at different offshore races.
Turning north the guys get on their way back home. With the conditions nice and calm the 36 literally flys across the water at a speed close to 90 mph. From the helicopter I can see the big Livorsi Monster Tachs and Speedo however the speedo showing speeds at around 40mph. It can’t be true!
Following the guys all the way home I notice the 36’s nice performance. And we get home before getting dark.
The next meeting with the 36 was at the Boat Show in Oslo. The boat was put on a stand with the nose pointing towards the ceiling, mmaking it easy to see what’s inside.
Since going with the prototype last year lots has happened. The most noticeable was the x-large inhouse designed throttles/shifters set-up. This was really heavy duty. To appreciate it you should see it live. It’s awesome! The monster tachs and speedo were kept, as were temp and pressure gauges all from Livorsi. The old seats had been ditched in favour of new ones, this with electrically adjustable seats and featured shockabsorbers for when the going gets tough....
Engines had been changed in favour of Goldfish’ own modified Yanmar branded D-Max. With the help of more boost and miscellaneous tricks the hp rating grows from around 300 to 370. And that’s making wonders for the yards RIBS.