Speed & Pleasure

Speed & Pleasure is the Hi-Performance Boat & Yacht Lifestyle Magazine

S&P is a lifestyle magazine about Hi-Performance boats, and Yachts at the top shelf. And that it is far out expensive isn't always a big enough reason to make it to the magazine. It's got to have that little extra.

A Swedish boat designer once told me: "there is never a boring boat in S&P". I'll never forget that! Being in this environment we get to see and get onboard some of the coolest yachts around, and that means giving you the pics and stories on these rides, either we're talking about 100+ sportyachts or some hi horsepower performance boats. So there's a lot to choose among. S&P also features special interest Automobiles and we are planning some more that will come some time in the future.

S&P is sold in select magazine stores in more than 30 countries.