Arendal Poker Run

Arendal Poker Run last Saturday was another great happening by Rune H√łgevoll and the guys at Neptun Powerboat Club. 23 participating boats made the trip south west to Kristiansand for lunch with return to Arendal in the afternoon.. Even with less than great weather the spirit was high up. I jumped in the helicopter just east of Arendal city picking up the fleet at the starting line. Two and two boats set off specially for making most out of the photos.

After a short ride shooting we turned back to pick up the next pair while the other gathered for the ride south  towards Lillesand. At Lillesand we met the rain so we went down and changed plans going by car instead of hitching a ride with a boat to our Lunch destination at Kristiansand. This meant we missed the cardstop at Grimstad, but better getting to Kristainsand dry than like a wet cat. I had a couple trips from last autumn in my thoughts. Those resulted in pneumonia and sorts of shit ruining some four month for me. Better dress for the climate...
Getting into Kristiansand by car, the first thing I spotted was the big Lurssen  yacht Ice (formerly Air) that was moored just outside the port. The 90M yacht built in 2005 is always a great sight even in the greyish weather today. Next stop was the Villa Marina a restaurant down in the marina. We had the choice between barbeque, chicken and fish soup. Going with the barbecue was a good choice with meat possible to hack without even utilizing a knife. 

Our guitar hero played all kinds of stuff from Norwegian hits to sixties American tunes.

For the pictures: Photos Arendal Poker Run 2015